The What IF Plan

  • The What IF Plan

The What IF Plan® is the world's first Intermittent Fasting Weight Management programme based on an individual's DNA and blood markers

The What IF Plan® DNA Test looks at genetic markers associated with weight loss and weight management.

The plan also includes a baseline at-home finger-prick blood test, which considers potential causes as to why you may not be losing weight. The test looks at your thyroid function to check if it is your metabolism which may be the reason why you aren't losing weight. It also includes HbA1c (diabetes check), iron (to test for anaemia, a prime cause of fatigue and low energy), and vitamin D, which research has shown to impact body weight.

Intermittent Fasting has proved so effective for weight loss and maintaining that desired weight loss, but it isn't for everyone - individuals with Type 1 diabetes, uncontrolled thyroid issues, of the elderly or underweight should avoid. Instead, these individuals should opt for the Diet and Fitness Test instead, but if you want to give Intermittent Fasting a go or have tried it with success in the past just sign up here!


  • £349.00