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Looking to lose weight, body fat and achieve your weight loss goals effortlessly? Want to know how your body handles carbs, fat, lactose, caffeine and much more? Go for our Weight Management DNA Test and you also get to discuss your report with a MSc. qualified nutritionist who will answer all of your questions and concerns.

Looking to achieve your fitness goals or maybe you're training for a marathon, 10k, 5k, or triathlon? Genetically are you more likely to find endurance or power and strength activities and sports easier? Go for our Advanced Fitness DNA Test or our Lite Fitness DNA Test.

Interested in how predisposed you are genetically to stress, sleep issues, anxiety, low-mood, empathy? What about cognitive function and memory performance? Go for our Emotional Wellbeing Test.

Interested in anti-ageing? Keen to know how your skin is likely to age and what you can do to increase your collagen production and quality, reduce your risk of fine lines and wrinkles or your susceptibility to cellulite and stretch marks? Go for our Anti-ageing Skin Test.

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DNA Plan adhere to a strict data protection policy to ensure your data is safe and abide by the UK Data Protection Act, so you can be reassured that your report is precise and your data secure.

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