Bespoke Package with Kate – DNA Plan's Founder

Our bespoke DNA Plan programme is available worldwide and focusses on fine-tuning your nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle goals. This genetically appropriate programme helps to reset your eating behaviour patterns with lasting and sustainable weight loss.

Results are everything and by following their DNA Plan personalised and genetically appropriate diet and fitness programme, our clients consistently lose up to 1-2 kg per week (depending on current weight) or in some cases, more.

The 12-week Bespoke Programme includes:

  • Diet & Fitness DNA Test
  • Emotional Wellbeing DNA Test
  • Health & Fitness Check (finger-prick/at-home blood test) OR Weight Loss Advanced Check
  • Follow-up Health & Fitness Check at 12 weeks OR Weight Loss Advanced Check
  • Monthly 1:1 consultations with Kate (in-person at Harley St clinic or by Skype/phone)
  • Personalised 12-week food plan
  • Personalised workout programme, which you can follow wherever you are
  • Coaching for improving sleep, and stress management

Every programme is completely personalised and can be tailored for vegetarians, vegans, individuals with thyroid issues and diabetics.

Please contact us at for availability or if you would like more information.

Kate, our founder

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DNA Plan adhere to a strict data protection policy to ensure your data is safe and abide by the UK Data Protection Act, so you can be reassured that your report is precise and your data secure.