Weight Loss Advanced Check

  • Weight Loss Advanced Check

Choose this test if you want:

  • to understand if there are any issues preventing you from achieving successful weight loss
  • to be aware of your health status before starting your new nutrition and fitness programme.

Research has shown that being overweight increases our risk of Type 2 diabetes and being aware of this increased risk can motivate us to focus on losing the extra weight. But, for many, despite adhering to a weight management programme, the extra pounds just won't come off.

Like the Weight Loss Check (£65), this Advanced Check examines iron deficiency (a main cause of low energy and fatigue), type 2 diabetes risk, vitamin D levels (can impact weight, mood and emotional well-being), and thyroid function, which maybe the reason why you can't lose weight. However, this test also looks at cortisol (the stress hormone), which can impact weight loss and the ability to lose weight. Additionally, the Weight Loss Advanced Check looks at insulin levels, which is associated with metabolic issues and can lead to weight gain around your middle. This test also includes a complete cholesterol profile to determine your risk for heart disease as well investigating your testosterone and oestradiol levels, which may be influencing your body fat and muscle mass levels.

  • £129.00