Weight Loss Check

  • Weight Loss Check

Choose this test if you want:

  • to understand why you are finding it difficult to lose weight.

Research has shown that being overweight increases our risk of Type 2 diabetes and being aware of this increased risk can motivate us to focus on losing the extra weight. But, for many, despite adhering to a weight management programme, the extra pounds just won't come off.

This test considers potential causes, and investigates your thyroid function to check if it is your metabolism which is the reason why you can't lose weight. It also includes HbA1c (diabetes check), iron (to test for anaemia, a prime cause of fatigue and low energy), and vitamin D, which research has shown to impact body weight.

This test Includes thyroid function (FT4, TSH), iron deficiency, HbA1c and vitamin D.

Did you know?

Research shows that lack of vitamin D can impact mood and emotional wellbeing.

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