The power of our Gut Microbiome

Our gut microbiome is involved in most of the body’s biological processes, such as making vitamins, aiding the digestion process, working with our hormones, immune system and nervous system.

It also provides a fantastic insight into our metabolism and nutritional needs.

And, if we are constantly eating processed foods and ingesting toxins we are damaging the DNA of our cells. But, by eating a variety of foods rich in different species of bacteria, we can promote a healthy and balanced microbiome.

So, we need to include prebiotic foods and probiotic foods.

Lets look at prebiotics foods first - these include foods such as apples, asparagus, garlic, leeks, and pulses.

And, probiotic foods include natural of Greek yogurt,fermented miso, and sauerkraut for example.

When we focus on optimising our gut health we really do reap the rewards including optimum health and weight loss.

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